This page is for the Advantage Guild

History and PurposeEdit

The Advantage Guild was formed in response to the numerous natural disasters happening across the world. It began by a relatively rich lady named Dives (a Persian) who wanted to both do some good and get into a new line of work. Being rased in wealth, many people in Fort Rocks who have to work for their wealth did not respect her, and many explorers challenged her. If the Guild Leader could not fight for herself, does she truly deserve to run a guild? Dives surprised them all, and beat most of the explorers at their own game. Through many bribes and just as much proving herself, Dives amassed one of the biggest Guild's there is.

Though their primary goal is the rescue and taken care of Pokemon, Advantage Guild primarily seeks the missions out with the most monetary gain. It is commonly looked at as a buisness instead of a rescue organization.

Current MembersEdit

The Advantage Guild is located in Fort Rocks.

  • Guild Leader: Dives
  • Guild Lieutenant: Keys
  • Guild Lieutenant: Giglamesh
  • Guild Lieutenant: Ptero