This page is for the Batallion Guild

History and PurposeEdit

The Batallion Guild was formed in Umbra City when the natural disastors began occuring. Their leader Reper (a Dusknoir) wished for him and his people at Umbra to find a way to profit more than the well off areas beyond, as ghost Pokemon were typically worse off than the rest of their Pokemon counterparts. This was the first time Umbra City was unified under one goal, but of course there was much rebellion. Oddly enough, each rebellion leader was swiftly defeated and ended up serving Reper. Such leaders included Gabor (a Gengar), Illusionist (a Zoroark) and Vitiosum (a Hydreigon).

While the primary goal of the Batallion Guild is to help and serve the Pokemon affected by natural disasters, Batallion Guild is noted for being particularly selfish and using whatever means necesary to get what they want.

Current MembersEdit

The Battalion Guild is located in Umbra City

  • Guild Leader: Reper
  • Guild Lieutenant: Illusionist
  • Guild Lieutenant: Gabor
  • Guild Lieutenant: Vitiosum
  • Hired Member: