The bridge leading up to Sky City

The City in the Sky is a city of surprisingly solid clouds located far above into the sky. This is a common place for Ice and Flying types to live, due to its colder climate and high alititude. It is rumored that this city was created by Rayquaza as a resting place, but abandonned it not too long ago. The City in the Sky is a common retreat for many Pokemon, as it is is the least affected area by Natural Disasters, but they can sometimes be damaged by high winds or meteor showers.

Places in Sky CityEdit

Pelliper Delivery Service HQ - The main headquarters, all mail for the Pelipper Delivery Service first stops here before being once again distributed to the different areas.

Sky Bridge - The way most grounded Pokemon go into the City in the Sky, a tower of clouds leads directly into the area and most people are lifted through here. 

Food Shelter - Due to its high altitude, it is difficult to find much food in the City in the Sky, so many Pokemon swoop downwards and collect food and bring it back up here for many Pokemon to collectively feed