This page governs the rules of combat and how to engage in it

Combat RulesEdit

Combat in our RP is a turn based system. The OS will give you a turn order or combat order, like this:

[Enemy, you]

This means that the enemy moves first and can attack you. The combat order is based off of speed. Whoever has the highest speed gets to be first in the combat order. Once everyone in the combat order has taken a turn, it resets. So once the Enemy and You have both gone, then the Enemy will go again. Which brings us to the next point. There are two types of actions in combat: Turns and Reactions. Turns are simple, you attack the enemy or perform some kind of action in that turn. Reactions are exactly what they sound like, reactions to what the enemy is doing if the enemy is attacking you and you are able to react. For example: The Enemy attack you with a standard attack, and you are given a reaction. You use your reaction turn to dodge. Next it is your turn on the combat order and you attack him, he gains a reaction to dodge as well, and then next round.

Going through the entire combat order is measured as a round, and all abilities that last have a per round cost. Combat is generally over when the enemy has given up, is dead or is incapable of moving. Combat with a risk of death requires an OS, but combat without the risk of death does not. At ANY time that the mood changes and one character tries to kill another, this requires an OS.