This page governs the Cordiality Guild.

History and PurposeEdit

The Cordiality Guild was formed in response to the recently occuring natural disasters across the world. The leader of Cordiality, Bliss (a Blissey), often tended to the wounds of many passerbys and pokemon. She was a powerful explorer, but unlike other explorers, she did not go out for fame, wealth or even overly to protect pokemon. She went out to heal them and put them back in fighting shape. Eventually she realised that she will be able to do more efficient work as a Guild. She created Cordiality and promoted peace and kindess throughout their members, bring a stable life to the Midpoint.

The primary goal of Cordiality is the protection and helping of Pokemon, but they want to spread peace and kindness throughout the world. But some of them, especially Bliss, might even go through extreme means to do so.

Current MembersEdit

The Cordiality Guild is located in The Midpoint.

  • Guild Leader: Bliss
  • Guild Lieutenant: Gratia
  • Guild Lieutenant: Alice
  • Guild Lieutenant: Novem