Densum Forest is a forest known for its extremely dense trees that commonly block out all sun-light. It is a common home to grass, bug and poison type pokemon. The trees are extremely tall and many small houses and platforms were built in the trees for Pokemon to sleep in. The surface is common place for poison types to live in, while the bug types live further up in the trees (grass types commonly live in both places).

Places in DensumEdit

Pellipper Deliver Service- Pellipers deliver mail back and forth from this outpost

Music Hall- Many Pokemon here use wood to fashion new instruments, and music playing for the skies to hear is a common occurance

Sky Bridge- Many flying type pokemon carry Pokemon from here to the City in the Sky and is a common hang out for Bug ang Grass Type Pokemon

Tree Roots- The giant tree, Densum (of which the forest is named from), has many tree roots and caves that Poison and Grass Pokemon hang out in.


The houses in the trees

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