Hailpoint City is a beautiful town set upon a large moutain, originally a settlement for Pokemon who were adept at scaling mountains and living in snow, it quickly became known for the pure snow that fell atop this town, soon it became booming, and many wanted to visit. With lots of work the city eventually became a hub for cold loving pokemon everywhere, as well as those seeking fame through th.e Sheer Heroism Guild

The beautiful landscape surrounding one side of Hailpoint.

. One side of Hailpoint is massive ice structrues, and the other is an open sky look over the world below.

Places in HailpointEdit

Beartics Bistro- A nice cafe where pokemon can sit and enjoy the view of the area while staying toasty indoors! This is fastened on the end of a cliff with a massive window overlooking the world below.

Delibirds Delivery Service!- Helping his friends over at Pelliper delivery this team of delibird run mail throughout the chilled area!

Mamoswines Taxi Co.-For those not able to climb or reach the top of the mountain, Mamoswine will carry them up and down. With a large team, they can handle any amount of travelers at a time.