Kickass Kibago by Fi3ndish
Personal Information
Username /u/Huugz
Pokemon Axew
Gender Male
Tier 0
Primary Type Dragon
Secondary Type
Guild Sheer Heroism


Haxor is a bipedal, grayish-green Pokémon with pale, straight tusks protruding from the sides of his mouth. The back of his head is dark grayish-green with a tall, slightly curved horn. Large, dark grayish-green ovals surround Haxor's red eyes, and he has a short, rounded snout with large nostrils. A forest green collar marking encircles his neck. Haxor's limbs and tail are short, with his forelimbs having three digits and its feet having two digits.


Haxor has the attitude of a warrior and pride means everything to him. He will not back down from a battle even when the odds are stacked against him. Haxor is also extremely loyal to his comrades and to the guild he belongs, Sheer Heroism. He has also been seen to have a gentle side


When Haxor was born, the disasters had already started, the Pokemons were being killed, but Haxor and his father lived on a cave near Hailpoint City, his mother had died a few months after he was born and his father was the one to teach him how to survive, this includes the basics of fighting, looking for shelter, in his case, caves are the best option, and looking for food, which for his species is really easy.

Being a Axew, he was almost born to fight and his father was a very experienced fighter and taught Haxor everything he needed to win a fight against other Pokemons, thus making him a very powerful Pokemon to fight against, Haxor's father always said that he needed to survive, but not by shameful means, he had to survive like a warrior, with honour. After the Sheer Heroism, his father wanted to join and wanted Haxor to join as well, and after an unfortunate disaster that made the cave colapse on top of his father, crushing him, Haxor travelled to Hailpoint City and joined the Sheer Heroism Guild, swearing to his now dead father that we would stop these disasters and save other Pokemons.


Total Stats: 35
Attack 10
Defense 8
Speed 8
Sp. Attack 4
Sp. Defense 5
Banked: 0
Health: 140
Power Points: 75


Number of Levels: 1
Banked Levels: 0
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  • Dragon Claw [Physical] - Describe your special ability here! [20 PP | Dragon]
  • Dragon Dance [Status] -  [40 PP | +3 to Attack and Speed | Dragon]


Poke Earned: 0
Poke Owned: 0



Total EXP: 0
Banked EXP: 0
Week EXP: 0
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