This page is guideline on what mods should do when looking to approve characters. Remember that only mods may approve characters

Checking EXPEdit

The first and foremost thing to do is that you must check if they have the required EXP for their level. You must look over the EXP they have gained during this week adds up correctly to their total. You must check that the EXP they have gained this week does not go over the 200 EXP limit. The player should have the date listed right next to the link, but also make sure to check the recap date.

Checking StatsEdit

After you are done confirming the EXP the player has gained is correct, you must next check their stats. First you must make sure that their total stats is equal to the one that they listed. Then you must check if any of their stats have gone over the Stat cap of 50. And finally, you must check if the calculated Health and Power Points values are correct. If these are all correct then their stats are good.

Checking AbilitiesEdit

This is a very important section, as to make sure an ability is not super-overpowered and makes things worse for the rest of the characters. If you are un-sure if an ability can be exploited or is OP, send in the new ability and have the character bank the ability until it is further approved. 

First you must check the Ability Type. Does the abilities description match up to its type? Does it make sense that it is a Physical/Special/Status/etc move? And then you check if it has the appropriate PP cost according to the template in Moves & Abilities. Finally you check if the abilities description, effects and class match up to what move type it is. Does it make sense that it is a grass move, fire move? Does that player's pokemon have the appropriate types for the ability it is taking?

Checking StoryEdit

Does their story currently align with the plot? Does it make sense according to the area that they live in? Or does it make up something like "Palkia's long lost descendant"? Make sure that their story and plotline aligns with the currently established canon. Player's are allowed to propose extra canon for their backstories to the canon mod.