Mt. Fieren's fortress

Mt. Fieren is an extremely large active volcano. This volcano has many charred forests around it and inside it is completely hollow, holding a city that many ground and fire type pokemon tend to live in. It is not quite active enough that the lava ever reaches the cities heights and many ground types make sure that even if it did, the lava would flow elsewhere due to an elaborate network of tunnels for the lava to escape from. Out of all of the villages, Mt. Fieren has the best defense system. If ever there is a hostile attack, there are many failsafes in which to prevent attack or counter-attack, as the entire field is rigged in Mt. Fieren's favor. 

Places in Mt. FierenEdit

Diglett Delivery Service - Helping the Pelliper Delivery Service due to them being unable to enter normally, they recieve male and travel through the tunnels delivering it

Underground Tunnels- These tunnels lead out of the volcano and directly into the Fort Rocks area, allowing consistent trade and communication between then. As such, Mt. Fieren has plenty of Light Stones.

Lava Banks- There are many banks of lava in which resistant pokemon may surf or swim in. This is considered extremely dangerous to anyone not ground, rock of fire type.

Food Market- Surprisigly enough, Mt. Fieren is host to one of the best food markets in the world, always keeping good stock. It is the main reason anyone visits.