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At first, there was nothing. And then an egg appeared. The hatching of this egg birthed Arceus, the Alpha Pokemon. Using his thousand arms, he created the Multiverse. He then created three powerful Pokemon. Dialga, the Pokemon of Time, Palkia, the Pokemon of Space and Giratina, the Pokemon of Antimatter. He then created the Primal Pokemon, Mew, whose DNA contained the DNA of all Pokemon. And finally, he created spirit by creating Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, beings of Knowledge, Emotion and Willpower. After banishing Giratina into the Torn World due to his violence, Arceus went into a deep slumber.

Many years later, the world of Pokemon came to be, and so did the many species that inhabbited it. For a time, it was peaceful. But soon, many natural disasters began to happen. Areas would flood over, forests would burn, and earth would be split open. Many Pokemon were put in danger, and thus began the creation of Guilds, organizations made for the protection of Pokemon. 5 different Guilds were formed: Battalion Guild, Advantage Guild, Sheer Heroism Guild, Synthesis Guild and Cordiality Guild. But can they figure out the cause of these natural disasters and find a way to stop them? It all depends on you, the new recruit.

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