This page governs the Sheer Heroism Guild.

History and PurposeEdit

The Sheer Heroism Guild began when a series of natural disasters began threatening Pokemon in the world. The leader of Sheer Heroism, Ultro (a Garchomp) was an aggressive fighter who could find no equal. He decided that to satisfy his thirst for fighting, he would become a hero instead. He at first was an explorer, but found that it could be more satisfying for him to make a legion of heroes. Ultro scaled many mountains and crossed many treacherous roads to find the best of the best. These members would form the Sheer Heroism guild, purposefully finding the most treacherous landscape to settle in, so they could prove themselves as the worthy defenders of the world.

Though Sheer Heroism's primary goal is the rescue and proteciton of Pokemon, they are very focused on heroics and gaining power. 

Current MembersEdit

The Sheer Heroism is located in Hailpoint City.

  • Guild Leader: Ultro
  • Guild Lieutenant: Blade
  • Guild Lieutenant: Hocus
  • Guild Lieutenant: Courion