This page governs the Synthesis Guild

History and PurposeEdit

The Synthesis Guild was created in response to the many natural disastors happening across the world. It's leader Mushmush (a Vileplume) was a born native of the Pluviae Forest, where it was very survival of the fittest. Many Pokemon did not wish to interact with each other and each got as much sun-light or food as they could, without regard for the others. Mushmush wished to change this, and founded the Synthesis Guild, wanting to bring everyone in Pluviae together. It worked relatively well and the forest became a kinder place, but there is still much more work to be done!

The primary goal of Synthesis Guild is to resuce and help Pokemon, but they are noted for being extremely presistant in having everyone join them. Many view it as annoying and many times it can backfire.

Current MembersEdit

The Synthesis Guild is located in Pluviae Forest.

  • Guild Leader: Mushmush
  • Guild Lieutenant: Mitochon
  • Guild Lieutenant: Beloom
  • Guild Lieutenant: Bronta