Town Hall of Umbra City, a common resting place

Umbra City was once a large bustling village full of Pokemon, but a terrible fire overtook the village, killing many. In rememberence of those who died, the Pokemon decided they would not rebuild the village and would simply bury those who had died and move on. Of course, this became an immensley popular place for Ghost and Dark type pokemon, who fed off of the negative energy surrounding this place. It is still able to be visited by anyone, but most prefer not to due to fear or annoyance with etheral pokemon. This place is also home to the Battalion Guild, as those who typically join this guild are rarely ever afraid of the ghost and dark pokemon here.

Places in Umbra CityEdit

Shuppet Deliver Service - Most Pelipper are too scared to come here, so Shuppet's meet them halfway and carry their mail for them

Graveyard - Holding each and every grave for the many Pokemon who died in Umbra City, this is a popular place for many Ghost Pokemon and Dark Pokemon to hang out and feed off of the negative energy there

Town Hall- Once a large busy building, it is now a resting place for many pokemon there