Welcome to Pokemon Multiverse! This page will help you to create your new character and be ready to RP! Once you are done creating your character, you will send it to the mods and they will approve it for RP and flair your account. This is so your character will not become over-powered or have a storyline that does not fit with the current canon.

Character CreationEdit

First you must create your character! Type in your character's name in this box below and click create!

When creating your character, make sure that all the information regarding them is completed! You will start at level 1, will be provided with 35 stat points and two move slots. You are free to choose any Pokemon except for Legendary Pokemon. And remember, all Pokemon must start at their lowest evolution in their tree. For example, you cannot start as Magnezone, you must start as Magnemite. You cannot start as Charizard, you must start as Charmander. You may evolve further when increasing your Tier in power.

Go here in order to learn about Stats and Tiers.

Go here to learn about Moves & Abilities.

You are allowed a maximum of 2 characters. If you do so, they must follow these requirements:

  • Your 2 characters may not interact with each other (they cannot be in the same RP and missions as each other)
  • You must make a seperate account for the 2nd character
  • They cannot earn each other's EXP. EXP gained is selective to each character.

Developing your CharacterEdit

Once you have made your character, you will notice that you have both started at the lowest of the evolution tree, and that you are just a beginner. How do you evolve and become a powerful warrior?

Currently you have 0 EXP. Every time that you obtain 100 EXP, you will level up. Leveling up will grant you stat points and a new ability. Your character is allowed a maximum of 4 abilities. If you have 4 abilities and level up, you are allowed to change one of the abilities for a new one. The number of stat points depends on your Tier. Everytime you level up, you must send your character once again to the mods, so that they may approve your new ability and stat total. You can get a maximum of 200 EXP per week, and the maximum level you may get is 30. You must log your reset day on your character's page. Your reset day is the day your character begin's RPing and the day that your EXP resets, so that you may continue to gain EXP without going over the cap.

Learn more about earning EXP here.

Poke is the currency in Pokemon Multiverse and you may use it to buy equipment from the store and change abilities once they have been approved.

Now that you have made your new character, why don't you involve yourself with the plot going on here.